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Posted on: Friday


I partook in a brief interview with the lovely (and downright French-new-wavey-gorgeous!) Alyssa Boyer a few weeks ago and let her snap some shots of our family around our neighborhood here in the village.  As in-person interviews always go, I was a little anxious about how our dialogue would translate into written word, but I think she and her partner Braxton did a fantastic job of conveying what motherhood means to me in their article.  You can read the whole thing here. I love this community of bloggers and entrepreneurs more and more each day. Thanks guys!


  1. Oh my word, Belle. The photos are stunning and I love the interview. As always, love how you see life here.
    We miss you and hope to see you soon!

  2. Beautiful! Your little Lucien is so handsome- those eyes! I can almost picture him grown up, a heartbreaker for sure. Off to read the whole interview. I really enjoy your blog and am glad to see you're still posting.

  3. So happy to see a new post! Caught the interview when you posted about it on IG, it is beautiful! Love these pictures too.

  4. sweet smile from a baby, all your tiredness will gone.. :)

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