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44, 45, 46, + 47/52

Posted on: Friday


Biet: Back on our old block in the East Village, the block on which she was born.  This old car has been parked on the block for as long as I can remember, and keeps getting stranger and stranger over the years.  On this day, to Biet's delight, a life-sized stuffed tiger occupied the driver's seat.  

Lucien: Apparently NOT a hat person, judging from the slim amount of time he'll allow anything to stay on his head.  Doesn't this boy know who his father is?!?


Biet: The daily war of curly-haired girl vs. tangles can be a bit of a nightmare sometimes.  I remember loathing hairbrushes as a kid almost as much as she. 

Lucien: The daily powwow of boy meets food can be a bit ridiculous sometimes.  Often times, everyone ends up eventually backing away from the table to avoid being splattered.  This boy certainly doesn't mind a mess. 


Biet: A hot chocolate with extra extra whipped cream at The Waverly Restaurant. 

Lucien: His fifth tooth broke through finally, meaning sleepless nights, yet unexpectedly cheerful days. 


I read a study once which followed siblings over decades and documented how their relationships changed over time.  The study concluded that the type of relationship they build and the roles they assume during their first year together ultimately end up remaining the same throughout their lives.  When I think of my children's future, this notion makes me happy.  This picture pretty much sums up her loving, caring, authoritative, & slightly overpowering self-appointed role as big sister, and his adoring, trusting, and curious role as little brother.  I'd love to look at this again in twenty years and see if they're the same.

//The 52 Project, a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013/


  1. these photos are great. I love the one of your son eating - there's so much going on! a dog tongue, a random hand, a blurry toddler on the couch, a an intense baby trying to eat. fantastic shot!


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