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41, 42, + 43/52

Posted on: Saturday


Enchanted by cartoons far too late into the night.  With us as parents, it's no surprise that we were dealt two night owl children. 


They almost have the same jewel blue eyes, although his shine bright with uninhibited joy, and hers watch carefully with a delicate seriousness. I'm absolutely smitten with my blue-eyed beauties.


She "helps" him with everything throughout the day, from diaper changes to feedings to figuring out new toys.  He constantly looks for her around the apartment and is always happy with her at his side.  He never complains when she accidentally roughs him up a bit or knocks him over in her attempts at helping, just smiles and sits back up next to her.   To witness the birth of their friendship is an amazing thing.

//The 52 Project, a portrait of my children once a week, every week, in 2013//

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