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Posted on: Monday

..A few shots from our afternoon wandering the streets here at home in Brooklyn this Sunday.  With so much commuting, rushing, and working in Manhattan on a regular basis, it was a welcome break for us to stick around home for a few days. Also, we got to bring our fifth family member (we love you Nico!) with us most everywhere we went, which is something I really miss.  When we lived downtown Nico used to tag along everywhere that we went.  A surprising number of stores and shops in Manhattan allow dogs (the bank! the laundromat! Duane Reade! Bloomingdales!), so we would sometimes leave with her in the morning and walk her around the city for hours.  Since moving to Brooklyn over a year ago, we've had to ride a lot more trains, schedule a lot more of our lives, and be much more precise and timed with walking Nico.  It always makes me a little sad (okay, a lot sad) when I have to rush her around the block and then take her back home before hopping on the train to run errands.  It always fuels the Brooklyn vs. Manhattan debate in my head once again too...

Anyhow, this weekend we stuck close to home, and made time to wander. We walked around proudly as a family of five.  Sometimes I would catch passerby's laughing in disbelief when they saw Gaby, baby strapped to his chest, pushing a toddler, who held the leash of a pitbull, who walked by my side as I lugged our bags.  We must be a pretty amusing sight.  I can only imagine what we'll look like when both of the kids are walking/running/chasing/being hooligans... :)

Thanks for being good to us this weekend, Brooklyn.

**My kimono is c/o Arnhem Clothing. You can find it hereThanks ladies, I love it!**


  1. Nico looks great! He's such a handsome, strong looking dog. I also really like your kimono Belle, you have such great taste.


  2. your the chicest mom ive ever seen
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  3. i love that kimono! gorgeous.

  4. Nico is so handsome! I love to see dogs interacting with children, it's the cutest :) Love your blog lady!

  5. Gorgeous photos :) I'm glad you had a nice weekend in Brooklyn! xx

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