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Posted on: Tuesday

It's an amazing feeling to witness your baby, the evolving personality and beauty that you created and birthed from your body, slowly step away.  They learn to eat, and learn to speak, and learn to walk and run and paint and dance. And with each new accomplishment, they move a little further from your side,  and a little further away from the wee sleepy little newborn who nestled warmly against your bosom.

I am so grateful to be able to spend so much time with Biet these first few years of her life.  Up until now, Gaby and I (and Nico, and most recently, Lucien) have been her whole world. Her whole world. We have play-dates and constantly run around the city, but her home and her comfort are here with us. The other day that all changed, as I witnessed her step away from me in the most beautiful and natural way, and into the world of genuine friendship.

The Brooklyn waterfront has become a toddler's dream as of late, with open sunny space abound, views of the water and the city and the passing boats, and both a carousel and an ice cream factory.  We met up with Latonya and River for an afternoon of moseying around, and what began as an innocent hand-holding obsession between our two little ladies quickly grew into something novel.  As I watched the two run and chase each other and explore the tiny toddler-sized spaces in between the buildings around the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, I realized that the spark in Biet's eye was one I hadn't noticed before.  Her voice and her laughter took on a new tone, she had a certain spring in her step, and she was playing with a confidence that I'd never seen before.  She was playing as a real kid. At one point, she grabbed River's hand saying "Come on, Rivvuh!", and then turned, looked me straight in the eye and "Bye Mama, bye."

And I felt the tide change.  I knew in that moment that we were no longer her whole world.  Slowly, the actual whole world, with its people and experiences and joys and heartaches, was becoming hers.  From now on she would have her friends and her favorite places in the same way that I have mine. Her budding friendship with River is something so sacred, so monumental.   As I watched them try to run away to the playground together, I couldn't contain my joy.  I'm so proud of my little girl.


  1. These photo's look like some sort of Ralph Lauren advert! Gorgeous!

  2. HOW ADORABLE ARE THOSE LITTLE LADIES!! Gosh they look so sweet. What a great post!


  3. Anonymous7:33:00 AM

    Aw, what a sweet friendship, they really are so adorable! I love seeing pictures of Brooklyn, it looks so big and important, kinda like a textbook "city", I would love to visit one day :) Becca xx

  4. This is so sweet; the hand holding and tiny secret telling of little girls. What a great day!

  5. You capture your children's childhood so beautifully. Blossoming friendships are always so much fun, I cannot imagine how special watching the first one form is.

  6. Your pictures are always so amazing. What a beautiful little girl!

  7. Kaitlyn Bowen2:17:00 PM

    Always giving me chills with your inspired words.

  8. Anonymous2:32:00 PM

    The final picture perfectly reveals and portrays the start of an honest friendship. They are adorable!

  9. You have a very lovely blog! So glad I found you!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life's Lemons

  10. Biet's hat is so super cute! I am so with you on being amazed as the little ones grow. I can't believe my "newborn" is ten months already!

  11. Hello! I just happened to stumble upon this blog. Biet is a beautiful name - what does it mean? Your pictures look wonderful, but what I really noticed was that you are a very talented writer.

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