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Posted on: Monday

* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013. *  

Biet: When I was hugely pregnant with Biet, our dear friend Janet gave me this little vintage apron.  Janet had dressed her daughter Theo in it all summer long, over two decades ago when Theo was a toddler.  She told me that Theo used to adventure around downtown Manhattan every day in the sweltering heat wearing nothing but a diaper and this delicate tiny apron.  Sometimes I like to think of the generations upon generations of children who must have also run around with this old sheer apron as their summer uniform.  I've waited and waited for the day when Biet would fit into it. This was that day. 

Lucien: After falling asleep in my arms, I gently lay him across our old sofa, with it's torn fabric and worn cushions.  I sit across the room in our creaky wooden rocking chair, watching my little prince slumber. Nico quietly climbs upon the sofa, moving her limbs with magnificent deliberate gentleness, almost as if in slow motion. She curls up at the opposite end and gazes at the swaddled boy- the newest member of our pack.  Together we sit in silence on this warm Brooklyn afternoon. 


  1. Your children are so, so beautiful. I love your photographs so much.

  2. I love this photo of Lucien and Nico. :)

  3. these are beautiful pictures of beautiful children. for sure faves for me this week

  4. I adore these, Belle!

  5. What a lovely story about the apron! What a treasure.

  6. I love the couch photo of the two sleepies, very lovely xx


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