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Posted on: Saturday

There's a brief window each year, in between the first warm breeze of spring and the first sticky rush of summer's humidity, when the world is perfect. Winter's stark tree branches suddenly fill with blossoms, the people on the streets slow their buzzing just long enough to smile at one another, and the sun beams a certain cheer across the land.  These are the golden days of New York City.

I'm not sure if I coined "the golden days" or if I heard it somewhere, but each year right around this time, I sense the energy changing on the streets, and feel the sun warming my face, and I know that they're here.  I turn to Gaby and say "they're here, baby- these are the golden days!".  Each year they last for only a couple of weeks before morphing back into mother nature's steady four-season rhythm, but those couple of weeks always feel magical.  It's that in-between time, when the days are long, and the temperature is perfect, and the city is calm and optimistic and cheerful all at the same time.  It's the feeling of wanting to be outside all day long.  It's the feeling of wanting to dance down the street.  It's the feeling of new beginnings.

This year's golden days are upon us now. The city is magnificent. And the only thing to do is to grab your partner in crime, do a jig down the street, share an ice cream, and bestow the beauty all around.  New York City doesn't get much better than this.


  1. Loving the jiving shot at the end! She is just adorable x

  2. I love her dancing! What a great shot for a mamma to look back on!

  3. She is so so beautiful! Growing into being quite a little lady now!


  4. Oh, I know what you mean. We're enjoying these days in the city as well. Don't want them to end.

  5. So lovely pictures and a beautifull girl! what a wonderfull city!

    i'm from Argentina, i visited nyc 6 years ago i loved it.


  6. I love that you call it the Golden Days. It is!


  7. Biet looks as though she OWNS New York in that last picture, ha ha! Beautiful girl.

    Flora x

  8. I love this post! You said everything so well, and the pictures go perfectly. The weather has been just gorgeous lately.

  9. All of the pictures and the sweet words made me smile so big! Your daughter is beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)


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