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Posted on: Thursday

The thing about having a pediatrician in Union Square (and one that's open on Sundays at that!) is that no matter how often you have to go for newborn weight checks or scheduled vaccinations or unanticipated flus, there's always an unbelievable farmer's market just outside when you're finished (well, not on Sundays anymore, but on most days).  No matter how long you have to wait in the crowded waiting room (and you always have to wait, regardless of whether you show up early, late, or right on time), the warm almond croissants from the bakery next door will surely keep you company.  And no matter how teary and traumatic the needle is, the space-age playground and the food trucks and the street musicians and the bookstore beckon afterwards.  And then my babies' anxiety is replaced by excitement, and our doctor visits become adventures of sorts.  We'll be stopping in to the doctor's a lot more with two kids, but I don't mind.  The energy of Union Square is our spoon full of sugar to help the medicine go down, and I'll take it any day of the week. :)


  1. Where are the croissants? My office is near Union Square and I haven't found a decent bakery yet.

  2. We just found this bakery (I think its relatively new)! Its called Breads Bakery and its a few buildings in on 16th street walking west from the park.

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