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Posted on: Sunday

My dearest Lucien,

You are one month old.  These first few weeks have slipped away so quickly, whisking away with them my skinny newborn, with his bony knees and peach fuzz hair, and leaving me instead with a rapidly fattening baby boy, wide eyed and hungry like a little bear.  You no longer fit into your newborn attire, so on to the three month clothes we go.  The chubby rolls are beginning to show on your thighs and arms now, filling you out and keeping you warm.

We keep waiting for your blue eyes to turn brown like your Papa but they stubbornly refuse.  Somewhere deep in the bottom of my heart I know that you will be a blue-eyed boy after all.  Of course, only time will tell, but I truly believe that you will have your Mama's eyes.  You seem to keep those eyes open all day long, observing the details of the new world around you.   When your sister was a wee newborn she would sleep all day, so during her first few weeks we really hardly ever saw her eyes.  But yours are open wide.  You gaze into the faces of your family, at the light dancing across the walls in the afternoon, and at the mobile hanging above your crib.  You can watch that mobile twist and float through the air all day long.  You see everything, my Lucien.

You've recently discovered the power of your maturing vocal cords, hence your baby whimpers have evolved into full blown wails.  And yet as powerful as your newfound voice is (and let me say, kid, it seems that you've got quite a pair of lungs on you), you politely reserve your cries for only the most desperate of times.  A full belly, a dry diaper, a good song in the background, and a ride in your bouncy chair is usually all it takes to keep you happy as we buzz around you in the apartment. It's so amazing to witness the process of you discovering your likes and dislikes for the first time.  Each time I find something that calms you or makes you happy- the way you prefer your left arm to be free from your swaddle, how you like to snuggle yourself under my armpit at night, your apparent affinity for old blues- it's like I've unlocked a little piece of who you are becoming.  And I can't wait to get to know you better.

I couldn't love you more, my son.  Happy one month of life!


  1. Anonymous12:02:00 PM

    One month already?! I too think he'll be a blue-eyed boy. A very handsome one too.

  2. Oh what a beautiful baby boy you have! Aww! Blog posts like this make me can't wait to be a mom one day. I can't wait to one day see & experience the joy & process of seeing a lil one grow up and learn the world! =)


  3. O heart melt. Brings back so many lovely memories. And those eyes look very blue!

  4. My girl would snuggle under my armpit too at night. Still does sometimes, now at 17 months. I keep pulling her down after she unlatches, deep in sleep. Lucien is adorable!

  5. Anonymous10:59:00 PM

    What an adorable little baby. Congrats Lucien for turning 1 month!!

  6. Such a gorgeous baby he is!

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