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Posted on: Sunday

Under overcast skies, we walked through the village.  Emmy, Gaby, Biet, and I made our way past the brick tenements and bare winter trees towards the park, stopping every few blocks to chat with a friend in passing. The city was sleepy and more quiet than usual, but for the first time since Emmy had arrived, the weather had warmed.  It was a lovely day for strolling Manhattan.  Standing outside of Puerto Rico Coffee Company, we ran into our old friend Paul, who was with Gaby and I on the first night that we met, and was the officiant who married us years later.  Biet held her Papa's hand, Emmy pushed the empty stroller, Paul joined us, and we all walked into the park and into Biet's favorite playground.  The abandoned playground was still covered in dew from the recent showers, but Biet didn't mind.  She wanted to climb and she wanted to swing, and a little water certainly wasn't going to stop her.  We enjoyed the quiet and the trees as our little girl frolicked.  Above us flew the two storied red-tailed hawks who call the park their home.  As the afternoon began to fade, we said goodbye to Paul and slowly walked back across the village to Bleecker street.  We knew this would be our last family walk through the city before Emmy flew back home in the morning.  Next time we see her she will have a new nephew to carry about.  We miss her already.


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