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Posted on: Saturday

* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013. * 

Biet: The week before you become a big sister, you stack blocks on your Mama's belly.  So determined, so focused. When Auntie Emmy tries to help, you become a naughty little girl and throw a block at her.  Nobody tells Biet that the biggest block can't go on the top of the tower. 

Lucien: Snuggled warm inside, you listen to the heartbeat of your Mama and the voices of your family.  Every so often you  jab your Mama with a kick, shaking your sisters block tower where it balances precariously on your little house.


  1. Just wonderful! Such a striking, beautiful moment in time!

  2. Oh the sweetest thing! Such beautiful images of what I'm sure was a treasured time with your sister and your beloved little girl. LOvely :) xx

  3. A beautiful moment captured - that third image is adorable!

    Sar xx

  4. Too perfect!

    (And I've grown to chuckle over the defiant little girl moments - we have a pretty hard headed one ourselves!)

    PS- Belle, can you believe it?! You no longer have just a child, but children. Eep! xx

  5. Oh! The determined, independent, first born! I have one, too! Bless you and your beautiful belly. That is no more :) Because your little boy is here!


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