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Posted on: Tuesday

We rush from the bagel shop, paper bag in hand, through the turnstile, and down the staircase to the platform.  The train screeches into the station, pushing before it a gust of perfectly dirty air, and you look up at me excitedly and sing "oooooh!".  The train is so loud that I can't actually hear your bright voice, but I know your expressions well enough to read your lips.  We step on, find a seat, and devour our bagel with cream cheese.  When we are done, you want to stand, as you always do.  You reach out your hand and repeat, "bar? bar?" until I move close enough to a bar for you to grab ahold.  We hold on together, gaze out the window, and ride downtown.

You don't know where we are going, but you are happy just to be going.  You always want to move, explore, and run through the city.  Sometimes I feel like if we didn't stop once in a while to take a nap or take a picture, you would never stop moving forward.

You also don't know that Mama's hips, which so gracefully hold you up in your sling, sway with you on the moving train, and walk you through the stations and through the city, also hold up the weight of another little person- your little brother who is due to arrive in just 9 days.  But until his arrival, Mama's hips belong to you alone, and that is fine with me.

We wave goodbye to our fellow passengers and hop out of the subway car.  I climb the stairs to the next platform, where we will wait for our next train.  Just as we reach the top of the staircase, I feel your head rest upon my shoulder, and I know that your nap time has come.  Your head becomes heavier with the weight of sleep, and I pace the white tiled platform until you fall into slumber, humming to you all the while.  I worry for a second that the deep rumbling echoes of passing trains will wake you, but you seem to be soothed by the commotion all around, and burrow further into my shoulder.  I will make the last leg of our journey silently, with your Papa at my side, while you rest.

When we finally emerge from the maze of subway tunnels into the bustling streets of downtown, the sun has become slightly dimmer and the air slightly chillier.  I do not worry about you, though, as you now have my body heat to stay warm, as I have yours.  We stop in to our favorite bakery and then stroll up the avenue, through the park where your Papa and I were wed, and into a dark cozy doorway.  However, just a few blocks before we arrive, your head shoots up, you look around, and you give me a kiss.  Just in time.

Your Papa and I present you with a cookie as a special treat, and you are the happiest girl in the world. We all pass through the dark doorway into a room of old tables and cushioned chairs.  Only two other people are sitting in the room, and they eye us mysteriously.  We make our way to the back, and there she is, glowing brightly behind her faded red curtain- a little booth that has become a tradition of ours over the years.  Our very favorite photo booth.

Your Papa and I took photos in this booth on our first date.  We went back on my birthday a few months later, and then back again, just for fun, many many times.  When Nico joined our family, we carried our little puppy into the booth and snapped photos of our "baby".  When you were tiny, we took you there too.  And now, with Mama's belly being so big and round, we decided to continue the tradition.

Although we no longer live just down the street from here, we still consider this antique photo booth to be "ours".  It has seen us grow from wild young things, to a head over heels couple, to a blossoming family.  And now it will see you and your brother grow too. Yes, this little photo booth has documented every milestone over the years, and your Papa and I love it dearly.  It is our little New York tradition.

This post is the fifth installment of the Sakura Bloom Sling Diaries. You can see all previous entries here.  I am wearing the Simple Linen Baby Sling in Organic Maple.


  1. What a magic tradition! These images and your lovely words took me straight to that train...I could almost taste the bagel. SO very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your world :) x
    P.S. Your scarf is divine

  2. Such a beautiful post. I love how you form your own traditions based on a series of unique experiences in your environment.. new york is the perfect place for this. That photo booth has seen some love :)

  3. What a lovely story of tradition told through beautiful words and beautiful pictures! How special all of those photo booth photos must be to you. And how important they will be to your daughter one day.

  4. I love the color of this wrap! I bet it matches everything ; )

  5. So so so lovely to see you & the family making the most of every second until the new little one arrives - I have to also say a huge WOW to how wonderfully you are still baby wearing so far into your pregnancy...stairs?! I can't imagine carrying a little one plus a not-yet-born one up - you inspire me! xox

  6. I love the pic of Gaby pointing to your belly, you peeking into the pic, and Biet's priceless facial expression!!

  7. You are inspiring! I can't believe that you can carry her in that sling on top of the weight of your baby boy. I remember feeling so exhausted while pregnant - I can't imagine adding additional weight. But you make me feel like maybe I could do it next time around!
    I so love getting these little glimpses into the life of your beautiful family. Thank you for sharing. The photo booth tradition is the sweetest thing - I'm sort of jealous. ;)

  8. That is perhaps one of the sweetest traditions ever. New to this space of yours; it's lovely! Best wishes in these days ahead as you welcome your baby.

  9. Lovely tradition - and the subway photos are great (I found babywearing the only way to travel on the Underground here and stay sane)
    Such sweet photos

    - patricia

  10. Wow, what a wonderful post! Such a lovely tradition you had. You really inspire me! The photo booth is beautiful filled with so much love. Nice share!!!

  11. Beautiful shots! We love watching your lovely family grow, mazel tov <3

  12. i loooooove these pictures.

  13. Anonymous12:46:00 PM

    This made me think of my own sweet girl and the fact that we need traditions like this. Thank you for sharing, thank you for drawing that emotion in the middle of my ho-hum day.

  14. lovely lovely diary entry! we just put ours up with a few train shenanigans too... and those photobooth snaps are fabulous! My! what a lovely belly you have :)

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