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Posted on: Wednesday

Biet visited the Guggenheim Museum for the first time the other day with her Aunt Emmy and her very pregnant Mama.  Once she got the hang of walking up the steep incline (there are no stairs at the Guggenheim, only one long spiraling white walkway which twirls gracefully around the walls all the way up to the ceiling), she was off and running.  I was startled (and nervous) about her enthusiasm at first, but this little girl made her Mama proud.  Since the museum was fairly empty, we had the chance to give her a bit of freedom to wander through the modern art pieces.  Surprisingly, she did really well when it came to not touching the artwork and to staying within a decent distance of me.  As the security guards quietly shifted and encircled us, keeping a keen eye on the slow-moving hugely pregnant woman with the loose toddler around the multi-million dollar artwork, I hoped dearly that my attempt at a nice afternoon and at teaching my daughter museum etiquette wouldn't result in a meltdown of chasing and screaming.  But little Biet happily perused the halls, laughing and observing and stopping every once in a while to nurse.  When I got tired and needed to sit for a while, Emmy would take over and show her a new exhibit, and everyone enjoyed themselves more than I had hoped for.  We may have just gotten lucky, but I'm hoping that this is the beginning of a new regular adventure destination for us.

And even after all of that walking, this baby boy is still staying snug in my belly.  Here we are, coming up on 41 weeks, and there's no sign of him yet.  I want to say thank you thank you thank you for all of the supportive and love-filled comments and emails over the past few days.  To know that so many people, all over the world, are thinking of this baby boy and wishing him a blessed journey into the world means more to me than words can say.


  1. Oh I love the guggenheim, we took our son there when he was 9 months old, in a carrier. I love the spiral and the art and the amazing whiteness of it. God I bet you want that baby out so badly, I know what it's like to be overdue- totally frustrating and pressurised!

  2. He just wants to stay in there! He'll be here soon enough however, and I know you're excited!

  3. You're all such beautiful ladies. Good luck in your upcoming journey, I hope he begins his journey into your arms soon!

  4. Stunning images, Belle. It all looks so magical.

    It seems he is happy to stay snug for a little longer - I am thinking of you each morning, and how exciting this time must be for all of you. He will be here so soon!

    Sar xx


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