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Posted on: Sunday

* A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013. * 

Biet: We're not sure whether you inherited your wild brunette curls from you Grandma Anne or Grandma Clara, and neither one of them is with us any more to compare.  As your locks change color in the sunlight, taking on an auburn cast one moment and a chestnut hue the next, I like to think that you got a bit of each of those amazing ladies' good looks. 


  1. The first photo is beautiful, her hair looks like a vintage doll's. So Precious...excited to see a new baby post, sending good vibes north ;)

  2. She is gorgeous, I love finding little inherited traits from relatives in my son.

  3. She is just a the cutest doll, her features are beautiful.
    Prue xx

  4. I hope the curls stay!

  5. Cigar506:09:00 PM

    I love these moments! They are so special and exciting, celebrate the ones you love with custom cigars.

  6. So innocent and beautiful.
    Love your photos.

  7. Beautiful pictures! I love the light in them, and she is gorgeous.

  8. I love your project! I tried that last year but I wasn't able to complete it. The birth of your new baby will be beautiful. Babies never come when we expect them to come, they come when they are ready. My baby boy came one month early. He was due July 13 but he arrived on June 19, 2011. He was ready early. Yours will be ready late. That's all. He's just cosy. You must be uncomfortable though. Hang in there. PS: I love your duvet cover. Where did you get it? If ever you do find the time to let me know, please message me via my blog. Thank-you!!! xox

  9. The last image of her looking out the window is lovely.


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