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Posted on: Saturday

... is what we need.  The other day while talking with my sister on Skype, she commented that Biet's cheeks were really pink.  They're always like that, I told her, like a little doll!  Well, they were a little more flushed than usual and I didn't even realize that anything was going on until that night when she woke up nearly every hour crying.  Then the next morning Gaby couldn't get out of bed. Turns out we're sick. Blah.

We have been so incredibly blessed with Biet's ridiculously strong immune system that I've never had to go through many family sick days. One of us (usually me) might once in a while catch something, but never the whole family.  These sleepless nights paired with lousy appetites and a cranky & tired toddler have got us all on edge.  To top it off a dismal rain storm has washed over the city.  All Biet wants to do is roam outside with her runny nose and splash around in severely inappropriate shoes (she has become extremely opinionated about her wardrobe lately), and all Nico wants to do is refuse her walks and lay in bed all day (she is such a sissy when it comes to weather!).  I just keep telling myself that at least this is only a bad cold and not the dreaded super-flu that is sweeping the nation (knock on wood).

We'll be trying our best this weekend to find time in between baby-chasing and work to snuggle in bed under a million blankets with hot tea, chicken soup, and a neti pot.  I'm thankful that we have a couple of new box sets to listen to.  And I'm really thankful that we are getting this cold & flu season out of the way before baby boy arrives.  I can't even imagine a sick newborn thrown into the bunch!  Here's to feeling back on top.


  1. Anonymous1:04:00 AM

    Get well soon!

  2. Awe, get well soon!


  3. Hope you all will be feeling better again soon! Take some rest, sometimes we all just need some extra tlc :-)

  4. Oh, i do hope you all feel better, very soon! Xxx

  5. Icky. Babies being sick is the pits. Hope you all feel better soon!

  6. I hope you guys get to feeling better soon!! I'm 21 weeks along with my first baby and I often fear the family sick days. My husband and I seriously NEVER get sick, so this was encouraging to read and see that some babies aren't always sick. haha Get better soon!!


  7. I hope you don't have the awful flu going around! I a battling a cold that I have had for almost a week now. Designsponge did a great little collection of home remedies! Check them out. I am getting by with a morning ritual of Netty potting, hydrogen peroxide in my ears and a nice hot bath at night, seems to keep my head a little less foggy and my achey body a little less achey :)

    Stay strong tough mama!


  8. Oh, man! When the whole lot gets sick, that is the pits! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  9. Jajaja Our dog sleep with us too!!!! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!


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