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Posted on: Saturday

terrier pillow // mini rodini green parka // zara knit sweater // zara velour trousers // elias & grace eggy boots //

Here's another fall/winter baby boy look from the lovely Isobel Black pants + black boots + a roomy sweater + a warm parka = my go-to, tried and true, everyday outfit, and I love the idea of dressing a baby boy in the same fool-proof look.  Isobel put together the designer mini outfit, and then sourced an equally cute "steal" version (below) for those of us on a budget.  Thanks lady! You can see the first Hers + His here.

(p.s.- these little pieces are just as cute for a little girl or a little boy, in my opinion. Biet actually has this "boy's" Old Navy parka hanging in her closet, just waiting for the winter to set in).



  1. This outfit is just perfect for either boy or girl! Thanks for sharing the much needed inspiration for Winter : )

  2. What a perfect outfit. Comfy, chic and room for a growing bump! And for the little man...could those little ears get any cuter?! Hope you're feeling weel and lovely.
    Steph :) x

  3. Anonymous9:25:00 PM

    Hi there! My name is Mariné, I discovered your blog two days ago and I keep reading your posts, with my husband we practice attachment parenting, I was looking for information on baby carrier when I saw a picture of you with your daughter in a ring sling. Tell your husband that I live in Salta, Argentina. Hermosa familia!

    1. I told Gaby that you are writing from Argentina and he got so excited! Thank you for reading!
      We travel with Biet in a few different ways. When she was tiny, we used a Baby Bjorn carrier. Biet would only use it if she was turned outward, so she rode along on our chests looking out onto the big city. Gaby really loved it, but I found that it sometimes hurt my back.
      Now we use a sling, which I love. It takes a bit of practice to get used to putting it on, but once you know how it is really easy.
      We also push her in a stroller quite a bit.
      For the next baby, I think we will also look into a new carrier, maybe a Mei Tai or Stokke.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Thank you for including my little monkey hat!

    1. Its so cute, as is practically everything in your shop!
      You should really thank Isobel though, as she is the one who put this collection together. :)


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