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Posted on: Saturday

Every time I see an old photo of Gaby in his babyhood (his Mom used to dress her curly-haired baby boy with 1970's class, let me tell you!), or come across whimsical portraits of families in the 1960's online, I get the urge to dress Biet exclusively in the awesome vintage wear of yesterday.  And then I go on the hunt for vintage baby duds.. to the fleamarket or secondhand shops or stoop sales (NYC's version of "garage sales"- set up on the front stoop of your building), usually with little luck.  Maybe its just the city, but finding affordable good quality vintage for my curly-haired babe often seems to be nearly impossible (at most places the mark-up is criminal!).  So I was absolutely thrilled to come across Little Vintage.

Little Vintage is based out of London (but ships internationally) and carries the sweetest selection of hand-picked pieces, from newborn sizes up.  The shop's owner Emily reached out to me and sent us a few lovely items, and they are unbelievable. They arrived wrapped up like little gifts and in tip top condition, no holes or stains, and clean and pressed. Every time I take Biet out in one of her new outfits someone stops me and asks where in the world its from. And I tell them, its from London, from this cute little online shop.

These yellow shorts with brackets are my favorite piece this summer, but I'm sure we'll be ordering a few more things as the weather cools down with the arrival of fall. Thanks Emily!

*Gaby coordinated this outfit, so please ignore the knee high black socks-as-shoes.. oh Papa, you'll need some lessons in styling as baby girl grows, but we love you anyway*


  1. Those overalls are so cute. Love Biet's curls, just gorgeous x

  2. have been loving your blog for awhile now and thought I would come out of lurkdom to say how gorgeous your wee girl is in the little rompers. We too love it when vintage parcels arrive from England, another one of my favourites is mislaidtreasures on ebay as they often have bigger boys vintage which is incredibly hard to come by here


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