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Posted on: Saturday

I realized that I had just finished an entire magazine article without being interrupted, and I knew that something was up. The house was silent. Calm.  So I peeked in and this is what I found. Two birds of a feather, passed out on the big bed. And that afternoon- well that afternoon was glorious. I did my hair and sat down on the couch to enjoy my lunch, alone and in peace, with a fashion magazine. You know, the sort of things that I took for granted before this whole motherhood thing happened. And just when I began to miss those sticky hands and slobbery baby kisses (Biet's) and loud music and laughter and bear hugs (Gaby's), I heard Papa and baby stirring in the bedroom. But that little break, well it changed my whole day. I'll take one every afternoon, please. 

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  1. arww, how cute. i remember how happy my mum was when i took the twins out for a long walk and she could do what ever she wanted to. mostly she slept for half an hour, then did her hair, shaved and read a book. but i saw how happy she was when i came back with them and she had her babys back...

  2. Isn't it refreshing when you can catch a break especially when it's on accident haha ; )

  3. This is so sweet. It's amazing what a little alone time can do for a tired mama, right?

    Also, that Biet has some killer lips. Yowsa! Lucky girl.


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