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Posted on: Wednesday

These days, I find myself in a constant state of disbelief every time I have to date something with the month of August. Summer is flying by. We have all been working, working working (well, two of us have been working, the third one has been pretty much living in the swings at the park).. if not at our jobs then on projects and meals and the home, oh and our child. Biet learns something new nearly every day (how to open all the drawers, feed Nico scoops of dog food, screw the cap off a bottle, master the use of a fork, put on her own shoes, brush her hair.. the list goes on), and I am always amazed by her. These days, I've been finding myself either under sweltering heavy sun without a sunhat, or freak rain storms without an umbrella. Ah, summertime... your weather is nuts.  When will I learn?  But these days in our air conditioned home, a sewing machine is always humming, a guitar always strumming, and a little girl always singing.  Our fridge has been constantly packed with fresh fruits and veggies thanks to our CSA, so we've been juicing juicing juicing away. Fresh juice and family and long summer afternoons go so well together. These days, our lives look a lot like this...

**Biet's black and white bonnet c/o Urban Baby Bonnets**


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