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Posted on: Tuesday

We discovered an adorable little cafe in our new neighborhood and it is fast becoming our regular hang-out.  Cafe Madeline reminds me of one of the old wallpapered cafe's we found in Paris when we took a holiday there a couple of years ago.. pretty glass bottles of flowers, pasty plastered walls soaring up to painted tin ceilings, strong espresso, and an overall sunny & relaxed atmosphere.  However the staff at Cafe Madeline, happily, are super kid-friendly (we were childless last time we were in Europe so I can't say I paid much attention, but I imagine Parisians may have a bit less patience with curious toddlers in their shops).  It's the kind of place you can spend hours in.

We stopped in to cool down on the hottest day last week, when temperatures were creeping towards 100 degrees and you could feel yourself melting after only minutes outdoors.  After a homemade blueberry lemonade for me, iced coffee for Gaby, & a chocolate chip cookie for Biet (ahem, the cookie may have actually been for Gaby under the guise of "its for the baby.."), we were feeling so very much better.  They even put a bowl of water out for passing dogs, so Nico got a drink too (I love it when NYC businesses are thoughtful enough to do that; the pooches get thirsty too!).  We could't stay too long this time because we didn't want to leave Nico out in the heat, but we will be back.  I must say that I am grateful to have finally found a place that is so relaxed about the little ones tagging along on coffee dates.  Most city establishments have a bit of attitude when you stroll in with kids (I'm ashamed to say that a much younger and less wise version of myself may have even been one of those snooty waitresses many years ago.. how the tables have turned), so you have to be extra careful to have them on their best behavior, and quiet, and polite... and we all know the likelihood of that.  To have such a beautiful neighborhood spot where none of those stuffy city rules apply is pretty wonderful.  I see many blueberry lemonades in our future.

*PS: That scary picture of Nico's teeth is actually Nico howling and Biet attempting to join in with her highest pitched wail. They were kissing each other moments later.

my dress: vintage // Biet's diaper cover: BARREL & A HEAP


  1. Anonymous5:33:00 AM

    I can't get over how gorgeous your family are! Thanks for sharing, p.s the pic with Nico and Biet is quite funny! x

    1. Thank you! We prettied up a little to take these photos, I assure you we aren't quite as cute first thing in the morning. :)
      Nico and Biet are funny together. They really love each other, it melts my heart.

  2. I love what you are wearing especially that hat! Your family is adorable

    1. Thank you! I actually picked up this hat for cheap at a Payless shoes! Its turning out to be my favorite accessory this summer.

  3. lovely pics and lovely outfits!


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