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Posted on: Monday

Just as we were about to hop on the subway in Williamsburg the other day, Gaby suggested that, instead, we not go home.  With the warm breeze and abundant daylight left, perhaps we should head into the city & stroll around downtown.  I pondered the thought for a moment.  Part of me immediately shut down the idea.  After all, we were tired and had a little baby and would be best off getting back home and cooking and relaxing.  But then I stopped myself.  Gaby and I used to do this all of the time.  We'd take spur of the moment detours throughout the city- take advantage of the many diverse neighborhoods and foods and adventures lying just around the next corner.  We used to take a morning or an afternoon or an evening (or all three and make a day of it) and just go.  And end up wherever the city led us.  And I realized that since Biet was born we had slowly stopped these little outings, these little celebrations of urban freedom.  So I said "let's go." And he said "do you want to walk there?"

We walked over the Williamsburg bridge, from Brooklyn to Manhattan.  We saw Brooklyn from above and the skyline from afar as the sun was going down over the East River.  Biet was a little fussy as we walked through the fierce winds in the middle of the bridge, but she was a smiling wild little girl when we got to the other side and I put her up on my hip.  Then the night had fallen and we glanced at the time and realized that we had been walking for four hours.  Biet was so happy and full and tired, and Gaby and I were satisfied with ourselves and our day, and we were all ready for bed.  So we hopped on the train back home.

I really hope to have outings like this more often, all through the warm months. There is truly so much to see and do, and I feel it would be a crime not to take Biet to do it all.  Every time we power through a full day like this I am reminded of how much I appreciate this city of ours.

And I want Biet to grow knowing that an adventure is always at her fingertips.

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