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Posted on: Monday

We all had a fantastic weekend
filled with record-playing and neighborhood walks and home-cooked meals
(it is so nice to have an operational kitchen again!)
and one mischievous baby girl
who likes to pop right up in her crib
and sing songs that can be heard throughout the whole house,
{which is unbelievably cute,
except when she decided to do it at 2am (and 3am & 4am too) when she should be dreaming}
We didn't get a whole lot of sleep this weekend,
but we did have a lot of fun
as we settle in to our new place.
Hope you had a cheerful couple of days too!

*if you follow me on instagram then I'm sure you've seen all of these snapshots already (if not, you can follow me @ augustabelle). I'll get better about carrying my real camera around with me- promise! 


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