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Posted on: Thursday

These days, we've been running all around the city with three kids in tow, carrying double strollers up and down subway steps, eating cupcakes for breakfast on the run, watching firetrucks zoom down the street, rushing and rushing in a hectic frenzy to get where we need to be- only to stop everything a moment later so the little ones can pet "baby Nico's" on the street. These days, we've been growing closer as husband and wife {Gaby + me}, growing closer as sisters {Emmy + Lisa + me}, and watching as the bambinos {Biet + Beckett + baby Dashiell + Nico too} grow closer as cousins, and I've been loving every moment of it. These days, our lives look a lot like this...


  1. wow sounds like such fun family time! I can't wait until I go on mat leave and I have more time to spend with family and my new baby!

  2. Your little one and cousins are adorable! All the rushing around is worth it in the end! Have a happy weekend!


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