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Posted on: Wednesday

Lisa (better known by all the little munchkins of the family as Auntie Lala) whipped up a huge late breakfast for everyone the other day that was deeeeelish!  She sautéed fresh challah, which Gaby had picked up at the bakery that morning when he took Nico out for her morning walk, into one of my all time favorites- french toast. Biet tasted the breakfast staple (or, in my book, anytime food) and was most definitely a fan (I can't believe that she's managed to make it to twelve months old without trying it!  Shame on me!)  And while she preferred her's plain, I'm hoping that one day she'll warm up to her Mama's crazy french toast style {I like it all melty topped with peanut butter of the freshly ground variety & real maple syrup.  Mmmmm- don't knock it til you've tried it!}. Thanks for a splendid family brunch Auntie Lala!

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  1. Challa YUM! So precious! I just found your blog, love it!


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