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Posted on: Wednesday

As May 1st neared closer and I prepared myself for all of the stress and toil which moving inevitably entails {living in a land of boxes, arranging and scheduling and directing the movers, surviving on take-out and snack food for days, juggling a nap-less baby in one arm and a roll of packing tape in the other, consoling a freaked out dog (who handles the stress of a new environment by completely regressing to pupphood), and somehow managing to squeeze long work hours in}, a thin white envelope with pretty red ink arrived in the mail, boldly announcing JUROR, and addressed to me. And what would be my jury duty date? Why, May 1st of course. 
So Biet and I took a little trip last week to the courthouse downtown in a last minute attempt to kindly be excused. Happily, we were successful.  We also managed to turn the morning into a little people-watching brunch date that looked a little something like this: get to enter through the super top secret freight entrance in the back of the courthouse, get lost on the basement floor and end up walking into creepy abandoned marble rooms, run into a lawyer who gladly helps us find our way up two floors to the right room, end up talking to said lawyer for a good 15 minutes as he tells us about his pre-law school adventures as a NYC tour guide, amazingly get in and out of the city clerk's office (with an excusal!) in less than 10 minutes, watch the people hurriedly walking by as we enjoy our fruit and yogurt in the sun at the top of the courthouse stairs (all the while pretending like we're in an episode of Law and Order), endure countless stares and a couple of photographs as I carry baby girl's stroller down the famous gazillion-stair staircase all by my (super strong) self, walk up to Tribeca (my old work-place neighborhood) feeling happy and accomplished about our {slightly cinematic} adventure.
Until next time, Jury Duty.


  1. Phew! I am so glad you dodged that bullet!!! Not what you needed to be doing right now!

    I hope the moving and all is going well.
    Thinking of you. xoxoxo Sarah

  2. I also cannot believe you were in and out of there so quickly. My goodness.

  3. I love the way you tell a story! And I can only imagine you carrying the stroller and baby girl down those steps! Love you! Can't wait to be out there soon!!

  4. Kuddos to the super strong mama! And lucky you for escaping jury duty! I've seen them be not so kind by pressuring moms to find child care arrangements. BTW what stroller is that? It looks light but sturdy.


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