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Posted on: Tuesday

Gaby has been working crazy hours lately at his new Lincoln Center gig (read: 9am-1am, what?!) so for the past few days I've taken a break from my job and have been doing the stay-at-home-mom thing. It's a really nice change, and a ton of work. Single Mama's out there, you are superwomen! This morning, I made my husband a corned beef sandwich (ok, not so much made as put together Katz's' leftovers) and tea {I am so proud of Gaby for recently giving up coffee} and baby girl and I saw him to the door.

He turned and blew Biet a kiss as he left, and, to our surprise, she blew one back! Then she waved her little hand and said "byyyyyeee!"  Gaby ended up staying for about five minutes longer to laugh and blow kisses and marvel at his daughter.  It was pretty cute.  We're not sure when she began understanding and participating in goodbye's- this is the first we've seen of it. We're also unsure of where in the world she picked up "Dada" (since we've only used "Papa" in reference to Gaby), but after Gaby left she kept repeating "Byyyyeee Dada Dada Dada"... this is a bit of a mystery. But if she keeps melting his heart with kisses, I'm sure she can call him whatever she wants.


  1. Awe, she's really adorable! I love when babies do that blow the kiss thing with their whole hand! So cute.

  2. So sweet! I love when they have those little explosions of new tricks. I totally feel you on the long hours. The worst is the papa being gone. I always think that the point in having a family is to enjoy it, not to have to be away from the house all day trying to support it! I just need to find a pot of money somewhere..

    Gus calls Craig daddy even though we only ever use papa. It must be from other people?

  3. So cute! It's moments like these that you want to hold onto for as long as possible! Wyatt does the same thing to my husband William before he leaves - {waves with an adorable look on his face} -- makes it so hard for him to go out the door! Gotta love adorable babies and their make-your-heart-melt-ness.


  4. Oh, pretty little girl. Melt my heart.

  5. Wua!!!! She´s very beautiful!!!!

  6. how cute are those curls!?! love these pics.

  7. i like this so much i linked it on my favorites list this week.


  8. Oh my goodness how precious! How exciting it must be to watch her grow and learn new things!

  9. Anonymous12:42:00 PM

    Beautiful pictures and story as always. You know, in the video with you I shot last month, Biet clearly says, "Dada." I just assumed it was something she had been doing.

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