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Posted on: Tuesday

Sometimes I dream about living in the country, of having a garden and a little mailbox out front and trees and fields and air; of getting away from it all and listening to silence for a while. Sometimes I dream about living in another country, maybe Argentina or Belgium or Italy; of living in an artist loft and creating all of the time, of going to the market each day and soaking in the history & colors & sounds of other cultures. Since I was little I've dreamt of living in the big city, of looking up at the buildings and sweating on the fire-escapes in the hot summer sun and being woven into the hustle and bustle of it all; of making a life in the majestic brick and concrete wonderland of noise and action; of seeing and doing and being anything that I wanted to.  I chose to make that one my reality when I moved to NYC ten years ago.

Gaby and I went out for a walk this evening through our "new" neighborhood (come May 1st). We went for a light dinner at a pretty {amazing} little restaurant, and ended up walking around with Nico and Biet for nearly four hours. The air had that perfect breezy warmth which arrives just before summer, and the Brooklyn sidewalks were just calling our names. We walked past the Victorian mansions and the pre-war brick apartment buildings, past the limestones and the brownstones and the free-standing houses, past the quaint restaurants and the dimly-lit bars and the Spanish delis and the coffee shops. We stalked our new block and our new building to get a feel for it at night (verdict= its a little off the main path and has a light sketch factor, but our overall feeling is pretty positive), and we walked until Nico was a happy dog and baby girl was fast asleep. 

At the end of our walk I got to thinking about the evolution of our city life. I realized that somehow, while we've been struggling to settle down and make a good home, a bit of each of my dreams has infiltrated my life. Here we are, living in NYC, but just enough out of the craziness to feel that little bit of peace and quiet. I'm looking forward to being able to plant a little garden in our new place, to growing that little piece of the country.  That elusive spacious artist space will also suddenly be ours.  I am so excited to finally have the space to build creative studios for both Gaby and I, so that we may work on our art and design and music from home.  And while we may not be in a foreign county, we will certainly be in a multi-cultural neighborhood. And we just discovered an unbelievable organic market down the street too! 

It seems like while I've been busy running around Manhattan (see photos above), the universe has sent me tiny pieces of each of my dreams. At the end of our walk this evening, Gaby and I were both feeling calm and optimistic and confident about our impending move. I think we are ready to try this Brooklyn thing one more time.


  1. Good luck on your upcoming move! I wrote this week about being torn between city and country: I've always thought of myself as a city girl. I love the country, too! I like thinking about getting a piece of perfect in each place you've been. Cheers!

  2. So happy for you guys!! It sounds perfect.

  3. It sounds amazing! And it is weird how little bits of our dreams come together to form something that is probably way better than we ever imagined.

  4. Congrats on the new place! I also moved just recently and am really enjoying where I live. Definitely a bit of the city and the country - a total gem :-)

  5. You are such a beautiful writer, seriously - you're very talented! Nothing but the best of luck on your new journey {move}!



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