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Posted on: Wednesday

This afternoon, as I was cleaning the bedroom, Gaby suddenly turned to me and said "These are my ladies! Take a picture!" and proceeded to scoop up his crazy-haired daughter in one arm and his wild-spirited dog in the other, much to their surprise, and plop down on the bed for a picture. As I snapped away I couldn't help thinking that here was my little family- of bears: Papa bear, baby bear, and sister bear. Gaby, with his powerful and stern way of handling his baby daughter, is just the perfect Papa bear. As a newborn, Biet was a bit overwhelmed by her Papa's loud voice and heavy hands. But she has grown used to his ways (and may have inherited them too, for she is no gentle little thing herself!) and now loves his super-strong baby-wrangling skills. Nico loves to wrestle him, Biet loves to dance with him (he flies her around like a little feather), and I just love him. Papa Bear.


  1. These are so sweet...I have so many nice memories (and photos) of my father and I when I was little. <3

  2. I love these pictures!! Especially the first one. So lovely, the three of them.

  3. Anonymous2:22:00 PM

    Great pics! So much love in these photos. Biet is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. Her eyes are magical and I love her name!

    1. Thank you Nena! SO MANY people give me funny looks when I say her name. Also, when people read it I have to explain that its pronounced Bee-ett, just like Annette. It makes me so very happy when someone compliments it! We certainly love it :)

  4. Love these pics. What a beautiful family you have!


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