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Posted on: Monday

Eleven months ago today, I woke up and cooked a delicious spinach & tomato omelette and made fresh apple-carrot-ginger-beet juice. Gaby and I sat down at our little round wood kitchen table and excitedly enjoyed our late breakfast. We then proceeded to move that little round kitchen table out of the way, and replace it with a birthing tub. At the end of this day, eleven months ago, I laid in bed as Gaby went to answer the door. He paid the delivery boy and carried the burgers and fries back to the bedroom, where we all rested and ate. In between those two meals, eleven months ago today, she was born. And then we were three.


  1. Beautiful! Happy 11 months baby Biet :)
    P.S. that juice sounds delicious!

  2. Aww! Our babies are almost the same age...Robin wiil be 11 months in a couple of weeks.

  3. You make the birth sounds so calm. When I eventually give birth I hope it is followed by burgers and fries.

  4. happy 11 months! my little girl will be 11 months in 2 days :) crazy to think we'll be celebrating their 1 year birthday soon. ahh!

    p.s. i enjoyed an in-n-out cheeseburger and fries after my delivery too. ha ha.

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