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Posted on: Monday


Due to a last minute scheduling change at work, I was unexpectedly left with a {{gasp!}} free day on Sunday! With Sundays usually being a big work day for me, this was quite a fantastic surprise. There are so many weekend rituals that I usually miss out on: Sunday brunch in the city, the big Sunday Times that takes hours to read, Sunday supper with our little family.. Sometimes I daydream about the time when I'll be able to enjoy the weekend as most people do- I imagine having the paper delivered and making a big breakfast with fresh squeezed OJ and watching cartoons in my pajamas, then later putting a roast in the oven and playing music with my family in the living room (Yes, this city girl's daydreams can veer into domestic territory once in awhile!)  As it turns out, I didn't partake in any of those things on my rare Sunday off, but it was a lovely day nonetheless.

On this first day of April, Biet and I spent the day together at home, watching and listening to the drizzly wet weather from the windows.  It is finally April: a month of new growth and new beginning as the spring season really sets in, a month of flowers and children and eggs as Easter passes, and my birth month. I love April. I have been looking forward to April's arrival.  To celebrate this first day of this lovely month, Biet and I headed up to the roof for a little photoshoot! We spontaneously decided to try and beat the impending rain this afternoon and ran upstairs with our tripod. I realized the other day how few pictures there are of just the two of us together (since I'm usually the one behind the lens) and decided to make an effort to remedy that. I hardly have any pictures of my Mother and I together from my childhood, and have always longed for them.  I don't want Biet to look back one day and wonder why there aren't more photos of her Mama and her.  So we stood up high on the chilly April rooftop and snapped away.  We were only up there a couple of minutes when the gray skies turned even grayer and heavy raindrops began falling upon our heads and our camera.  We scrambled back inside just in time to miss the thunderous downpour, and spent the rest of the day warm and bundled inside the apartment.

The April showers are upon us, but oh the flowers that are sure to sprout afterwards..

**And for anyone wondering where Biet gets that glorious moon face from, please see below photo:


  1. Such a happy baby! What a nice looking afternoon, despite the rain :-)

  2. What kind of camera do you have? Your pictures are amazing!

    1. Thank you! I use a Canon G10 (although I hope to upgrade to a digital SLR around my birthday this year) ;)

  3. Hooray for happy spring surprises! There's nothing better than an unexpected day off... unless you can add cute baby to the mix. =)

  4. hi lovely lovely girls!!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! Love love love!

  6. Her little tummy--so cute!

    And you can never have enough photos of a mummy and her baby :)

  7. Anonymous2:44:00 PM

    Great photos!


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