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Posted on: Thursday

It was such a nice surprise to receive a package in the mail the other day all the way from  Belgium. We were delighted when we opened it and found this pretty little gift for Biet. It is her very first birthday present, for her very first birthday {a little early}This is Biet's 2nd doll (you can see her first one here).  I like to keep Biet's toys non-plastic, handmade (if possible), and beautiful (I mean, why give her unsightly typical "kid stuff" when there are so many really beautiful toys out there. Babies can have good taste too!), and this thoughtful gift is all three. Such a wonderful surprise!It is a hand-made doll from Gaby's dear friend Caro. Gaby & Caro met over 15 years ago, when he used to work on Bleecker street. She was from France, an artist, with a free spirit and a big heart. They became good friends, even after she moved away back to Europe and had a family of her own. She visited a couple of years ago and we had a blast running around the city together. She is truly a sweetheart.  Now she makes these darling dolls {{you can see more here}}, and we are so happy to have one for Biet. Thank you Caro! The classic design, the hand-painted details- this lovely doll is just so French. She is just perfect. Merci!**Now I can't stop dreaming of visiting Brussels with my baby girl and my husky man. Next family vacation...**


  1. That doll is a dream!!! Oh so lovely. What a kind and thoughtful gift to cherish.

  2. oh! that doll is precious! Happy almost birthday Biet!

  3. I visited Brussels not that long ago and it was amazing--but then it is always amazing when you get to see friends that you don't see enough :)

  4. That is exactly the type of doll I'd want to give my baby girl (if I had a girl...). So beautiful. What a talented friend you guys have.
    Ronnie xo

  5. I love that these dolls look like an illustration pulled right off the page...


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