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A Weekend of Silence + Noise

Posted on: Monday

Our weekend was a busy one- full of work & play & trains & chores, full of movement and full of life. Our days were dedicated to family- long walks in the park, loads upon loads of laundry, shopping and eating and cooking and more eating, and books & toys & games- while our evenings belonged to work. Gaby and I were both lucky enough to have the opportunity to work this weekend, so while we headed into the city to work all night, Biet headed off to our friend Angela's (aka the loveliest babysitter ever).  It took all that we had to pull it off- to take care of the house and the dog and baby girl and each other, and then to turn around and put in 10 hours of work. When I finally walked through the door of our apartment, our home, in the wee hours of the morning, after bartending all night in the hectic NYC nightlife industry and then waiting for the train to arrive to take me back home into Brooklyn, I was struck by how beautifully silent everything was. Biet was sleeping soundly in her crib, and Gaby was snuggling with Nico on the couch. I could hear the crackling of the radiators and feel the tiny breeze from the windows, which were slightly ajar so as to let out a bit of the heat.  During the day our home is never without music, and outside the street is never without the shameless soundtrack of the city. At work, there's always the movement & buzz of the people & music & excitement. And on the subway (especially on the late night trains), its like watching a movie starring all of the characters of NYC. But at home after a full day, at home there is only peace. I was dead tired (and Gaby too), but so happy to be back with my loves, and also so very proud.  I was proud of each of us, Biet and Nico too, for trying so hard to make this city life of ours, to have this family.  We all do what we can to take care of one another, even when it feels overwhelming.  After settling in and kicking off my shoes, I went in to the bedroom to admire my sleeping little girl. Then Gaby and I spent some much-needed time talking and laughing, just us two, over dessert. And finally it was off to bed. I knew that in just a few hours I would hear Biet's little voice singing herself awake in her crib, and a beautiful new noisy day would begin. But that little pause in between, that little pause is priceless. And so goes the story of our full and happy weekends lately..


  1. I love those moments of silence here too--when you get up early before everyone else and it is all quiet and the sun is rising.

  2. So, so lovely. I love the honesty of this post- it is hard stuff sometimes, this family life, but so rewarding. People tell you life is different and more difficult but I'm not sure they ever fully relay how dam rewarding it is and how it so doesn't matter, the differences and the difficulties. Also, late night dessert sounds awfully romantic.

    I'm seriously in love with your first and fifth picture. Such a sucker for a sleeping baby and a sunshine-y city scape.

  3. I love your blog - your writing, photographs and depiction of life in NYC are all just something special.

  4. The expression at the last photo is killin me! Followed. And maybe you'll stop by me someday.

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