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Posted on: Wednesday

These days, the weather has been a tricky little minx, tempting us with warm spring days only to retreat back to the icy winds of winter. We never know whether to leave the house with a sunhat or a scarf, or to plan on an afternoon treat of hot chocolate or ice-cream cone (I tend to just choose both). Tis the dance of spring. We've been enjoying the quaint historical streets of the village, the wondrous nature of Brooklyn's parks, and the bright street art all throughout the city. These days, out lives look a lot like this {{see above}}


  1. Your sleeping babe always makes for the most incredible pictures. She's just too sweet!!

    1. Thanks Susan! I have a creepily large collection of photos of my daughter sleeping. I just can't get enough! (and its so easy to sneak in with a camera during her naps) :)

  2. lovely photos as always!


  3. you look great in that top right! and as always Biet looks beautiful! the weather has been rainy and cold, and then i went out to my car this morning at 6:30am and it much be at least 70. Strange.

    I am sending in info for the job today!! Wish me luck, I was told I will probably qualify for the higher position!!

  4. Agree with Lisa (good luck on that job!), you do look great in that picture.

    Brooklyn in a different light. Love the pics. :)


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