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These Days...

Posted on: Thursday

Spring is here {early}! Last week, we were watching the ice-skaters in Rockafeller Center, and this week I had my first ice-cream cone of the year (and Gaby had his first iced coffee. Remember iced coffee?!). Suddenly, the world feels lighter, and brighter, and warmer, and it is glorious! Springtime in the city is THE BEST thing since sliced bread. To coincide with the {unofficially arrived} new season, we have some major changes afoot our home.. but more on that later (don't get excited, its not another baby. Our hands are quite full with this one, thank you!). Our walks are longer now with the longer days, our coat rack slimmer as we pack away our winter layers, and our faces happier. These days, our life looks a lot like this...


  1. That ice-cream cone look so good! Loving your sunglasses too, I really need a new pair but can't decide what to get.

    1. These are $9 ones from Old Navy! I am LOVING Karen Walker sunglasses right now, and hope to get a pair one day soon, but they are $$$$!

  2. Spring in NY, so jealous! I need to visit soon. Love the photos :)

  3. lovely photos! I'm loving the spring weather here in Va too!

  4. I can never get over how pretty little Biet is! Those big blue eyes and her pretty rosy lips... :) She kills me. :)


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