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Posted on: Monday

Our whirlwind of a weekend wrapped up on Sunday with a little family time in the morning and party time in the afternoon.  The morning began with a smidgen of extra sleep (thank you! thank you! baby girl for letting us sleep in until almost 10am!) and a houseful of music.  As we sipped our coffee and enjoyed our breakfast together, Gaby serenaded his girls with a few songs on his guitar. We loved it. Biet swayed to the music and, once in a while, joined in with her tiny voice.  I just sat there and soaked in the feeling of being with the two people I love most in the world, in my favorite city in the world, listening to my husband's beautiful voice.

One train ride later and we were back in the old neighborhood, the East Village, to attend the very special birthday party of Biet's friend Dacien. He turned one! Seeing as it was Biet's very first birthday party, we were super excited. We did our hair, dressed up nice, found the perfect gift, and strolled into the party. And... Biet began screaming. She was tired and didn't want to play with any of the other babies (or even be touched by anyone other than me, not even her Papa!), didn't want to eat, and most definitely didn't want to sit on the mat and listen to the live music. We lasted about 15 minutes and had to leave- not the most successful party experience.  As soon as she was back in her stroller walking around the city with the buildings & the traffic & the noise, she was once again content.  This little bird of mine really is a true city girl. 

She later fell asleep, and I went on to work the night shift at the restaurant, while Gaby went on pushing her through the city, back on the subway, and finally home to her crib. I look forward to beginning our new day tomorrow with a new cup of coffee (decaf for me), and a new song. It's my favorite way to start the day.

..and I'm hoping that baby girl grows a bit more comfortable with the whole party thing before her very first birthday rolls around in a few weeks.. 

Look at those tired baby eyes!


  1. Awe, what a beautiful baby!

  2. i love those little tired eyes!

  3. Anonymous2:40:00 PM

    Aww, she's adorable.

  4. Oh my goodness, you're right, our couches are long lost twins from opposite ends of the globe!!!
    Your daughter is gorgeous. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Look forward to exploring yours.
    Ronnie xo


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