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New Clothes for Baby

Posted on: Saturday

Goodness has the weather been amazing in New York City over the past couple of days. Yesterday it was 70! In March! In preparation for a day at the park, I went to dress my little chubette in something light and comfy, and realized that the age-old complaint of women everywhere, "I have nothing to wear," suddenly applied to my tiny daughter. The snaps at the bottom of her onesies would't close no matter how tight I pulled, her beans-and-rice-loving plump little belly was spilling out of her tees (not a very becoming look at any age), and her legs sprouted from the bottom of her pants, rendering them shorts, and useless in this season.  That's when I became concerned that Biet, aside from looking like a sausage stuffed into its casing, may be uncomfortable in her current wardrobe. When did all this growing happen? I was sure that everything had fit her the day before! It was time to go shopping.

While it may seem like an obvious, routine outing to go shopping for your child, this was kind of monumental for us. We had never gone shopping for baby clothes before. Since Biet's birth, we have beeb blessed with the kindness of friends' and families' hand-me-downs. Everyone we know with kids had passed on a bag or two of their baby clothes, until we ended up with 10 months of clothing. We've never even had to think about shopping for her. Until now. 

I would have loved to buy everything vintage, but, unfortunately, cute + affordable vintage clothes in this city are near-impossible to come by. So I decided to shop for some simple basics, and maybe sew her a few colorful vintage-inspired pieces as soon as the weather gets a bit warmer (posts to follow regarding that endeavor).  I took Biet to the one place that has always gotten great reviews for their organic cotton children's collection: the {crazy busy} Herald Square H&M. It was a madhouse. I had to literally run over people{'s feet} to get through the store, but it was worth it in the end. I do have to say, though, that the baby section (under 2 years) is not nearly as impressive as the children's section. The styles for older kids are unbelievable (where was this stuff when I was a kid??). We will have a lot of fun here in a couple years. 

I ended up choosing just a few cotton basics, nothing too exciting- just a few pieces to mix and match and that will grow with her over the next few months. I was pleased to find that they carried a huge selection of un-pink girls' clothing. I've been longing to transition her wardrobe away from the stereotypical pink (which is almost impossible to avoid with gifted clothes and hand-me-downs) and towards a broader range of bright bold hues and muted neutrals (a more natural, pretty color-palate, I think).

Biet fell asleep (big surprise there) after about half an hour in the store, so I had time to leisurely peruse. I could never have imagined how enjoyable it is to shop for your own daughter. I love shopping anyway {any time, any place}, but to be shopping for her, well it was just so rewarding. I left the store without even remembering to look in the women's' section for myself, which pretty much never happens. When we got back home, baby girl had fun crawling repeatedly through the pile of clothes as I tried to fold them, and helped me take off {translation: attempted to eat} the tags while I tried a couple of pieces on her to make sure they fit. This is going to be one cute springtime.


  1. I love that simple look. It's good to see you wear the same pants twice in a different manner! look beautiful and that dress is spectacular!!!

  2. These are just so cute--she is going to be one well dressed little girl.

  3. I absolutely ADORE H&M baby/kids, although you're right about the kids being more fashionable. I picked up some cords for Evelyn for next fall for $10. Can't beat that!

  4. Your girl is going to look so stylish in her wardrobe, and I must say I totally envy her ability to fall asleep in public. Maybe she could teach my girl a little something?

  5. that sweater dress! swoon!

  6. Your lil girl is gonna be super stylish! I like how you opted for organic cotton to :) Fantastic x


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