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A Marvelous Spring Day

Posted on: Thursday

On this second day of spring, we three spent the afternoon in the village: eating, walking, laughing, and playing. It was really a wonderful time- marvelous, in fact. Every year at the onset of spring, the entire city sheds its heavy winter wardrobe and attitude, steps outside, and begins to smile. And maybe it's the longer days, or the lighter clothes, or the trees blossoming, or the overflowing joy of finally being able to eat ice cream outside, but a heavy blanket of optimism seems to fall upon all of New York City.

Today we discovered: 1.Possibly the best sushi we've ever had (and not too pricey either!), 2.My new favorite patisserie (seriously the most amazing old-school french pastry shop with the best chocolate mousse I've ever tasted), and 3. the Washington Square Park playground. All along the way, people were happy, smiling, enjoying the warmth of the new season.  The people crammed next to us on the subway played with Biet and cooed, the chess-players in the park smiled slyly as we passed and offered a game, the NYU kids formed a brass gypsy band and threw a little outdoor performance for the world, the Occupy protesters chanted and marched with gusto, the cops lined up across the street from them waved at Biet as we passed, the counter boy at Patisserie Claude carried out a little plate of cookies (on the house!) for baby girl (she was flirting with him), and Biet- well, she may have laughed more today than she has in all of her days. I swear she could feel the optimistic energy flowing through the streets. She smiled at strangers, danced to any and all of the music she heard, sang her little babble song as we strolled, and belly laughed the whole time at the playground {I'm just getting used to taking her to the playground. It's so much fun for me to see her excitement each time we go}.

Yes today was a really good day for us around here- a real breath of fresh air.  Just when we really needed a rejuvenating family adventure, we were blessed with these 24 hours of positivity and warmth and community. This golden day.  This marvelous day.

Now we're ready to start packing.


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