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Jane's Carousel

Posted on: Wednesday

We took Biet to Jane's Carousel the other day for the first time, and she slept through the whole trip.  I am slowly getting used to this "never 100% able to plan anything" lifestyle with baby.  It's only taken 9 {almost 10!} months for me to realize that babies will make their own schedules- ALL OF THE TIME.  And they should.  If her little body needs to sleep, then by all means, sleep away!  She slumbered to the old-timey carousel music while Mama and Papa had all of the fun.

We sat on the deserted waterfront and watched the carousel turn, with its pristine riderless horses and eerily slow songs.  The restored carousel, which lives inside of a massive modern glass box just steps from the East River, twirled against the Manhattan skyline on the gray winter day.  The only others visitors were a couple of other Mothers who sat and chatted while their little ones, not even two years old, toddled away, occasionally falling to the ground as they reached towards the bright turning lights.  The Mothers would scoop them up and set them on their way again.  It occurred to me that, off-season, the glass carousel room makes an awesome (and free) place for a playdate.  We will have to come back with Biet's friends soon.

The old carved horses juxtaposed against the simple, clean, brand new glass box reminded me of all that I love about New York City.  Here we are, raising this brand new life, in this ridiculously modern digital world, in this ancient city.  The constant merging of the old and the new, the seasoned and the young, the vintage and the modern, creates the constant buzz of New York City.  Generations upon generations have made this town what it is today, with each person leaving their mark somewhere in the city.  There is a deep appreciation for history here, and I love that.  At the same time, it is the birthplace of so many new ideas & movements & artwork. There is always something new and exciting happening. I think this duality is so very healthy.  So balanced.  So perfect to raise my daughter in.

As we left the carousel behind in the gray cloudy day and headed back under the shadows of the bridge, I realized that although I could pretend that we had come here for Biet, we had really come here for me. Gaby knows how I adore finding the quiet, the odd, the hidden, the off-season, the secret spots all around the city.  Jane's Carousel is definitely no secret, but it feels hidden and quite special in the deserted dead of winter when there is no one else around.  He had jumped at my suggestion to go because he knew that I would love it.  And he was right.

As we walked back towards the train, we (randomly, I swear!) found ourselves in front of the famed Jacques Torres Chocolate Factory, and simply could not continue on without stopping in for hot cocoa.  They make an unbelievable spicy hot cocoa there that makes you wish it were winter all year long.  I saw Gaby eyeing the warm chocolate chip cookies and decided to go all out. {Our sweet tooth's have been out of control this season!}  We sat down in the chocolate shop, sleeping baby at our side, and tried to enjoy our melty cookie and hot cocoa without getting chocolate all over everything.  We were unsuccessful.  We laughed and laughed.  And just like that, our little trip to the carousel became a date.


  1. Such a cute post. I love how you told a story with your pictures!

  2. Me too! I love the pictures having the added text. And the feeling of a scavenger hunt! Now I am craving cookies.

  3. I love the mix of old and new as well, which is why I probably why I love London so much--it has a similar feeling to New York.

    And that cookie looks fantastic :)

  4. this is the first time i have read your blog, but i laugh because i recognize that red building as behind the loft in which dan humphrey lives in gossip girl...goodness, i've got a problem.

    1. Really? How funny! He lives in an amazing neighborhood, then!


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