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{bath time}

Posted on: Friday

Biet has finally graduated from family showers to her very own personal baths {in this phthalate  & BPA-free Danish tub which I love so}. She wasn't interested in baths for the longest time, but that's all changed now. Now, its quite the event, complete with mirror kisses, unclothed tummy time, and sisterly love. Here is a little peek into bath time over at our place..

The music in the film is by IZ, found here.
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh my! what a great video. My little Lucia sat right here and watched it with me. When it was over she said, "I want to watch the baby in the bath again!"

    Biet is at the perfect baby stage... happy and cuddly and learning to move. Nico is good to her.
    Happy Weekend, friend.

  2. Biet is the cutest baby I've seen, pictures don't do justice! I love the part she's trying to roll over, so funny and cute. And Nico what a sweetheart! Loved this!

  3. Awww, sweet! I wish my kid loved bathtime. At 2, our bathtimes are akin to mutual torture! Ahhhh, sigh. The pleasures of motherhood, eh?

  4. Awwwww, Biet is such a cutie!! Seems she's loving the bath tub just fine! I wish our 2 year old son loved it as much as she did. Lol, we have to pick our battles with our son.. sometimes he's eager, other times... hmmmm. God Bless your little baby girl!

  5. I miss you guys!! Can't wait to be there for her bday!!

  6. what a sweet baby and dog! Did you also buy the cradle/holder that's featured in the product video? If so can you share where? BTW, as a native NYer that now lives in DC reading your blog makes me so homesick. There's no place like NY!

    1. Thanks Rebecca! Our cradle is actually a mini crib. It is called the DaVinci Rocking Mini Crib, and we bought it from Amazon. The fact that it rocks has been a lifesaver with getting Biet to sleep!

  7. Oooooooh!!!! Soooooo sweet!!!!


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