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Posted on: Wednesday

A day's beginning and end for one little baby girl..

8am- potty time with her Papa (I'm usually still in bed) and a good book.  She's getting used to it pretty quickly and I'm happy to say that we're definitely making some progress!  I'm so glad that we chose this potty for her- the tall backrest is really helping her stay comfortable and seated upright. **For those of you wondering, we {mostly Gaby} are practicing a very mild form of elimination communication, trying to get her comfortable using a potty from a very young age**  

8pm- after a hearty meal and a long walk with Nico, Biet is ready to turn in. She will usually make it until 9 or 10 before passing out, but today she was exhausted (we had thrown a feverish dance party earlier in the day, just us two). She fell asleep in her stroller as we walked through the neighborhood in the warm{ish} evening breeze.  There's just something about that stroller when baby girl is tired- it works like  a charm every time. 

*and the rest of the night was grown-up time, whoopee!*


  1. She is growing up so quickly--and the photo of her asleep is adorable.

  2. We just purchased this same potty for our 11 month old. I would love to hear you elaborate on the methods you are using (i.e. what cues or signals). I am a new reader but have really enjoyed reading.

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