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VOTE FOR ME + my 2 front teeth!

Posted on: Tuesday

So it's official: Petite Biet is a real baby blog now. We've been listed in the directory, and I'm pretty excited. So, I ask you, if you like this blog, and enjoy my ramblings about that cute little monkey above, to please VOTE for us! Pretty please with a cherry on top!  I will be over the moon if we can make it into the top 25. I've found many of my favorite "Mom blogs" through this directory, and it has connected me with some truly amazing fellow blogger ladies. Now I am lucky enough to have this opportunity to gain new readers and friends, and I am hoping that it will help us continue to grow and connect with the world. So go ahead and click on the brown button to the left today {and every day, if you feel like it}. You are allowed one vote per day. Thank you thank you thank you! We really appreciate it! xx

NOTE: after you click "vote", a screen pops up with 2 owls. Click on the owl to the LEFT. Merci Beaucoup!

PS- They're hard to make out in this photo (but with that crazy smile I just had to post this photo), but baby girl has two super sharp little chompers almost fully grown in on the bottom! I'm beginning to understand why they're called "milk teeth"...


  1. oh my! i have been reading through your blog this morn and am simply in love with this little place and your cute family. how i wish i lived in nyc because i would love to be your friend!

    with the hope that this comment does not make me seem like a major creeper -- sarah

    1. Just the fact that you also use the word creeper is a sign that we probably would make good friends!


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