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Thank You + Following Your Heart (with Bekah Joy)

Posted on: Thursday

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted for this blog on The blitzkrieg of votes over the past couple of days has placed us on the very first page at number 14 13!  Being a relatively new blog, all of this support leaves me feeling tremendously grateful. Thank you!

That being said, this has been my first introduction to the competitive side of the blogging world. Being ranked on the same list as some of my favorites {Dear Baby, Boho Baby Bump, Bonbon Mini} is quite an honor; Competing with them for a top place, though, just feels a bit off.  The bloggers I have befriended since beginning Petite Biet 8 months ago have been nothing but welcoming, offering me advice and friendship and support. I remember resting in bed with a tiny weeks-old baby, devouring their inspirational and honest posts.  Reading through their stories made me feel even more privileged to have finally stepped into the world of motherhood.  Then one day I thought that maybe I could try my hand at writing, and Petite Biet was born.

The community of bloggers I connected with over the months responded with absolute kindness and support. One woman in particular, Bekah Joy of My Little Loves, especially impacted me. Bekah exudes a certain peace and tranquility that comes through in her writing. She recently added a {second!} baby girl to her beautiful family, who shares the name Luna with Biet (Biet's middle name). She is a sweetheart and her blog is a joy to read.

I was super excited recently when I found out that Bekah and her family were moving to New York City. They were set to arrive here in January. They sold all of their belongings, uprooted their lives, and boarded a plane with their two daughters. They met with brokers, found a perfect apartment, and made an appointment to sign a lease. Then something inexplicable happened. A feeling. An intuition. A completely irrational change of heart. And they followed it. They realized that they had always dreamed of living in the woodsy mountain town of Asheville, and now was their chance. The walked away from the city, the teaching job, and all of their well-thought-out plans, dropped everything, and drove to Asheville to start a new life. They chose to follow their hearts and fulfill their dream. Although I won't now be seeing them here around the city, I couldn't be more happy for them.  When I read Gaby their story, he replied "Wow. They are my new heroes." Her family inspires me to listen to my intuition each day and let it play a leading role in guiding the direction of my life.

Bekah's blog is currently number 33 on I would love to see it move onto the first page. So, if you'd like, stop over at My Little Loves and vote for Bekah! You can also click here to vote for her.  Let's do what we can to grow our thriving blogger community. We're all in this Motherhood (+Fatherhood) thing together!

Bekah and her daughters Ocean & Luna, via My Little Loves

*If you have a blog and you'd like to reach out to me, send me an email at augustabelle{at} I love discovering new blogs and once in awhile featuring my favorites in my sidebar along with sponsors. xx


  1. I want to kiss your face! You sweet lady! Thank you!

  2. she deserves it - she has been a true, loving friend to me and I'm so thankful! :)

  3. beautifully written for a beautiful soul!

  4. Super sweet post :) Thanks for "paying it forward" and being such a great example about what we should all hope to be in this little blogging community.

  5. I love this lady :)

  6. what a sweet post. :)

    i found a lot of awesome blogs from TBB as well, but i don't like the competitive nature of things. i also hated 'begging' for votes from my readers. that being said, it is an awesome way for newer bloggers to get out there. i just wish the 'FAMOUS' bloggers would move a bit out of the way. ;-)

  7. this is SO SO SWEET!!!!! <3

  8. I agree that TBB is fun but also a bit weird. On the one hand it brings more readers and new friends by, and I love to see the diversity in the blogs that are listed in the just the 1st page alone. But sometimes I wish there was a non-competitive way to build community. Anyway I'm glad you decided to try your hand at blogging! You have a unique and honest voice, not to mention an award winningly beautiful little biet.


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