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Tax Day

Posted on: Saturday

We journeyed to midtown yesterday for our annual visit to the taxman (which turned out splendidly well - a nice surprise!). His office is on the edge of the classically beautiful Bryant Park, so we gave ourselves a bit of extra time and made an afternoon out of the trip. We strolled Biet through the businessmen and women rushing about, the picture-taking tourists, and the general mayhem of winter in midtown. She loved it. Sitting in her stroller whilst zooming through the noisy, colorful, & (ahem) fragrant movement of the city streets must be her favorite thing to do in all the world (besides nursing, of course). It's almost as if she feels the kinetic energy of it all, and it somehow puts her at peace. Sometimes I tell her "Baby Girl, you get to look at the best mobile in the whole world!"

We walked by the ice-skaters, sat down for for coffee at Grand Central (which became an hour-long nursing-turned-falling-asleep-on-Papa's-shoulder-while-he-sings-to-me session for Biet) popped into Sephora for a minute (I can't quit you, Sephora!), and grabbed lunch. Midtown is usually not my most favorite of NYC neighborhoods, but yesterday, yesterday it was beautiful!

This was the first time our taxman, an old Irish New Yorker with a thick accent and plenty of city personality, met Biet. Last year when we did our taxes, which was far closer to April 15th (this year we are on it!), I was still hugely pregnant. As we introduced them, he looked at her and said "Eh, look at that! You gotchyaself a thousand dollars right there!" {Baby=child tax credit} He's quite a charmer, that tax man of ours.


  1. All your posts make me nostalgic for a place that was almost home. I can't wait to visit NYC and actually meet you!

  2. i love taxes! now i have some extra money to visit you!!


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