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Sister Dog

Posted on: Monday

As Biet practices her first words (a jumble of nonsense sounding something like babammmdapapaparaaaa at the moment, but which I'm hoping will soon become a distinct "Mama"), Gaby and I are finding ourselves constantly pointing at things around the house and repeating the word to her: Spoon, Doll, Toy, Table, Diaper, Book, Mama, Papa..  There's one word that she seems to be picking up quicker than all the others, though; a word that get's quite a jubilant response from baby girl: Nico.

When we say Nico's name, Biet lights up and begins twisting and turning all around, searching for her familiar furry snout. When she finally spots Nico, a giant grin spreads across her face.  It melts me every time.  When we began to think about it, we realized that Nico has been at Biet's side nearly every day of her life.  Biet plays with her, walks her around town, pinches her, licks her, feeds her under the table, and laughs at her. Nico is playing an important role in Biet's development of social skills, almost like an older sibling. And, no, I am not one of those people who call my pets my children, but those two really do have something special. I would have never believed that a dog and a baby could have such a strong connection {read: Nico barks at us when the baby wakes up from her nap in the other room/Biet immediately stops crying when Nico licks her hand} until I saw it with my own eyes, within my own little family.

So Gaby and I have been finding ourselves referring to Nico as Biet's "sister dog" lately. We'll ask her "Where's Nico? Where's your sister dog?" Realizing how crazy this may sound in public (kind of sounds like we're calling our daughter a dog, no?), we make sure to only say it at home. Because, to us, it kind of fits perfectly. Nico is Biet's dog, but she's also protecting her and showing her the ropes of life like a big sister would. I have a feeling that "Nico" may have a fighting chance at becoming Biet's second word (you can read about her first word here). Here they are, a girl and her sister dog. Gosh do I love these two.


  1. I'm so, so happy to have found your blog. High five for pit bulls and babies! Love them. They are such amazing family dogs.

    Our son and two pit bulls are madly in love. It's quite sweet! My son's first word was Sassy (one of our pits) and for a long while he called ME Sassy. They are each other's sunshine. Today our son tried with ALL HIS MIGHT to move their big bed from the kitchen into the living room so they could be closer to where he was playing. GAH, I died.

    Yay! Your family is so super sweet. :)

    1. Thank you! I was just over at your blog and it is wonderful! Pit bulls really are AMAZING family dogs! Nico and Biet are truly best friends. I can see that they are beginning to form a lifelong bond. She has begun to say "Co" as in Ni-Co, when she wants to play with her. I think it might be her first "real" (as in one that she fully comprehends and uses) word too!

  2. Your blog is cute and inspiring. I'm just starting out blogging about my baby girl's fashion - she's 8 months. She loves our cat Peeper more than any toy!

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