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My Kind of Town

Posted on: Friday

New York City, don't you just love her? Sometimes I'll step out into the day and it hits me, hard: I live in my favorite place on earth. I love this town. No, I mean I LOVE this town with every beat of my heart and every spark of my soul. It's just my kind of town.

This morning, I had to jump out of bed early for a dentist appointment. Not the most exhilarating of outings, i know. And it could have been downright dreadful, were it not for my good friend, NYC. She took me by the hand and turned my morning into a song. A half hour ride on the train became a front row center stage seat at a glorious mariachi concert, thanks to some early-rising, and gosh darned talented, subway musicians. The stroll down Grand street to the dentist office was brightened with the warm morning sun shining through the buildings and chance encounters with old friends. The dentist was the dentist, there's no much NYC could help me with there (besides randomly sending me the most gentle and caring awesome lady dentist I've ever had). But on my walk back towards home, I fell in love with the city all over again.

Its kind of impossible to pass by The Donut Plant on Grand Street without stopping in for one of their handmade morsels of deliciousness. They have the most wonderfully unique flavors (my current favorite is creme brûlée). One second, I was gazing through their window, and the next, I was watching the counter man carefully place a third donut in my bag. As I was about to leave, NYC went and worked her magic once more. The counter man asked about the photos I was snapping, I smiled and struck up a conversation, and he threw in 2 (!) free donuts for "a neighborhood gal." {And they were cake donuts too - my favorite!}

I happily continued my stroll down Grand, bag of donuts in hand, marveling at the beauty of the city. And I came up to the holy grail of bagels: Kossar's Bialys. Every baker in New York claims to have the best bagel, but I'll tell you right now: Kossar's Bialys is it. I decided to grab a couple for home (I knew bagels for brunch would make Gaby's day), and wandered in. I asked the woman at the counter if she had baked the bagels that morning. She laughed and replied "Oh no, I have him bake em, I just sell em. Wanna see where they're made?" A grand tour of the back baking room!? Of course I wanted to see! So she led me around back to the giant oven. The room was deserted at the late morning hour, with a light layer of flour covering everything. Empty baking racks were strewn about from the early morning hours. It was thrilling to peek into the secret back room of a neighborhood institution! Thank you bagel lady! Thank you NYC!

As I walked the last couple of blocks to the train, through Chinatown, I smelled the strong scent of incense wafting out of an open door on the street. Suddenly a glorious song filled the air, and I realized that the door was an unassuming church in the middle of the quiet block. The singing got louder and louder until it overtook the small industrial block. It was beautiful. I walked on, wondering all the while what other secrets might lie behind the countless unmarked doors in this city. Music, donuts, bakers, sunshine, characters, secrets: NYC, you dealt me quite a hand this morning.

I walked down the subway stairs, fumbled for my metrocard (anyone else miss the tokens?), and pushed through the turnstile. At that moment, I felt the sudden wind from the tunnel and my train pulled into the station. Don't you jut love it when that happens? Oh NYC, thanks looking out for me today. You truly are the best!


  1. OH yum, yum, yum! Mouth watering.

  2. Patty H.9:10:00 AM

    Our favorites are creme brulee, tres leches & blackout. Love that place

    1. Oooh I haven't tried the blackout! Are you in the city too?

    2. Patty H.9:29:00 AM

      I wish! The hubby works in the city. We found them through this website, Serious Eats: NY. Good Stuff!

  3. What a fun place to live and watch your baby grow! I'm in the 'burbs of Detroit but love that downtown life!:)

    1. I've toyed with the idea of the suburbs, but this city just has my heart! While some may find it hectic, I find it beautiful to raise a child here.

  4. oh my gosh! give me those now!


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