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Little Things

Posted on: Thursday

A close-up look at our apartment life.. Here are some of the little things that make me feel at home:


  1. Totally random but I just have to say...your dog is the most beautiful color. I used to want a weimaraner just so I could look at that color all day!

    1. She is an amazing dog. Many people think she is a weimaraner mix, but she is actually a "fawn" pit bull. It's funny because the reason we even have her is because of her color. A family in Brooklyn was selling "blue nose" pit bulls, and she was the last one. She wouldn't sell because she was a funny color. They said she reminded them of a rat (she really did look like a rat when she was tiny). No one would buy her, so they were giving her away. We took her in, and she grew up to be a beauty! Sort of like the ugly duckling..

  2. Oh my goodness, those faces and tiny toes...too cute!!

  3. Such cute littleness !!
    Kelly x

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