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Fly Baby Fly

Posted on: Tuesday

We fell asleep last night with the windows open (I can't believe I'm saying this in February!), and awoke to an airy apartment and a day brighter and nicer than I've seen in a long time. The sun was shining in, the people on the streets had a little more bounce in their step (probably due to the incredibly light feeling you get when you first ditch your heavy winter coat), and we- we were just itching to get outside. So one messy breakfast later {of homemade apple-spinach-oatmeal (blended together, its really not bad!) for baby girl, and yogurt + fruit + coffee for Mama} and off we went. To the park!

I have been longing to give Biet her first ride on a swing for some time now, but it's been so cold. I wanted her first swing experience to feel more like "I'm flying. I'm flying! I'm flyyyyyyyyyyyying!!" and less "Mama, why are you blasting me with icy winds all over my body!? Mama I can't open my eyes! Mama please stop!".  So, even though Biet was sitting up like a champion months ago, we had to wait for Mother Nature to give us the go-ahead for the park swings. And today she did.

I remember LOVING the swing set since I was a wee little thing.  My sisters and I would take turns pushing one another, or else have competitions of who could swing the highest. Flying up above, everything felt so free. Biet won't be swinging high over the world for a few years yet, but I can see already that she enjoys that weightless freedom. We pushed her over and over and over and over, and she laughed and laughed, and all was well. She was so excited! We could have stayed there all day. I think we'll be back at the park soon. Maybe tomorrow.

**I hadn't worn this dress (from H&M last spring) since being pregnant, but lately have been living in it. I love constantly re-discovering my pre-pregnancy clothes!


  1. Oh she looks like she is having such fun!

    And am loving your dress: very stylish! Can't wait to get my maxi dresses out, just need it to warm up a little first :)


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