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These Days..

Posted on: Tuesday

Lately, we've been enjoying the chilly days in the city before the winter snow arrives, spotting some pretty awesome street style on our subway commute, dropping by to visit Papá at work at the theatre (where his current show was recently written up in the New York Times and he was mentioned by name!), and celebrating the arrival of baby girl's first teeth (her bottom two came in together all at once!). Goodbye, toothless grin, hello teething. Her favorite things to chew on so far (aside from her Mamá while nursing- but that's another story) are whole carrots and celery stalks. Oh, and Biet's tiny head is finally big enough to fit into the winter wolf hat that I bought her months ago! These days, our life looks a lot like this:


  1. That last picture is beautiful!

  2. Oh man, these are gorgeous, you two are beautiful, like mama like baby

  3. Oh thank you Bekah & Maren! Your comments made my day.


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