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A Restful Night

Posted on: Monday

Biet has yet to "sleep through the night," and I'm ok with that. She wakes every few hours, cries out for the warmth and satisfaction of a midnight snack, and then falls back into slumber. I plan to let her wake as much as her little body needs until she's able to sleep for a good stretch, and I try not to complain about it. I figure that a new, slightly less comfortable, sleep schedule sort of comes with the territory of parenthood. Being her Mother, and the only one in the house capable of nursing her, I am always the one to run to her (or roll over in the bed towards her) when she cries, and help her get back to sleep.  I was certain that this was the only way to soothe her. Until Gaby swooped in with his amazing Papa skills.

I was up working the other night after Gaby and baby girl had gone to bed (I often use the end-of-the-night hours to squeeze in a bit of "me time") when, right on schedule, a sleepy high-pitched wail began to ring out from the bedroom. She was hungry, or so I thought. I quickly put away the laptop and headed towards the bedroom door. But before I could open it, I heard a deep sleepy Papa voice speaking in spanish. Then a spanish lullaby, and then... silence. Impossible! I couldn't believe that, for the first time, baby girl had gotten back to sleep with neither nursing nor rocking. I peeked in, and this is what I found:

Two sleeping beauties, snuggling together like a puzzle. Gaby had gotten her back to sleep like a pro. Looks like my nights may soon become a bit more restful. I had to sneak back in with a camera. It took all I had to refrain from waking them, squeezing them tight, and telling them how much I loved them both. I really love these two to pieces. 


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