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Posted on: Sunday

Biet has been loving books lately. She begins to sing and flail her arms about each time I sit down with her to read a story. She tries to read along herself in her baby babble voice & turns the pages until the end, sometimes in a frenzy and sometimes slowing down to observe the pictures.  It brings me so very much joy to see her discovering something which I love so dearly.  They say that children become readers on the laps of their parents.  If that is true, then baby girl is set.

I never realized how entertaining some of those children's books are! I always loved certain authors as a child (my #1 favorite being Dr. Seuss), and now, returning back to those stories, I see that they really had substance!  Our reading time is as thrilling for me as it is for Biet, and I am always excited to begin a new book we haven't read before.  I feel that she can sense this excitement about reading, and I hope it will help her to build a healthy long-term love of reading.  If she is anything like me, she will be devouring novels by the time she can walk.

Sometimes I think about writing and illustrating our very own children's book, starring Baby Biet and Nico the Dog, chronicling all of their adventures about town {ok, this was actually Gaby's brilliant idea}, for her to read now and as she grows. Perhaps this will be our winter project..


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